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Australian Indigenous Governance Institute

The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) is a unique Indigenous led, independent centre specialising in governance knowledge and excellence.

Through tailored executive master classes, thought leadership events and collaborative research we support sustainable, effective and legitimate governance by Indigenous communities and nations through their companies, organisations and projects. Our work builds on extensive national and international evidence that effective governance is a powerful predictor of success in Indigenous self-determination and socioeconomic development. AIGI recognises that Indigenous companies, organisations, community groups and projects form the fundamental mechanisms for Indigenous led initiatives and are today’s vehicles of self-determination. We support the economic, social and cultural aspirations of these initiatives by connecting their leaders with world-class governance practice and professional development opportunities. Our approach to ‘governance building’ focuses on culturally legitimate solutions. Evidence-based research demonstrates that Indigenous communities have well established governance practices, including clearly defined cultural obligations, commonly accepted ways of making decisions and methods for managing conflict.

We support the building of a sustainable balance between Indigenous cultural values and organisational governance to build legitimacy and authority for the governing committees, boards, members and staff of Indigenous led initiatives and their stakeholders. AIGI fosters a strength-based Indigenous governance discourse and practice. We do this by providing tailored executive master classes, delivered onsite, and matched to specific needs and local context. AIGI also hosts thought leadership events to explore international and local Indigenous governance issues.  Through these events we contribute to a strengths based, positive discourse about Indigenous governance and provide a space for networking, collaboration and emerging ideas. We also conduct collaborative research to identify current priorities, and develop effective, accessible governance tools and information, which translate our research findings into resources that are shared through the AIGI website. 

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