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Our Partnership

Annamila and Circus Oz first established a partnership in 2011. This deep and highly successful relationship is focused on providing training and mentorship opportunities for talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander emerging artists within the circus arts – including dance, comedy and music.

Through clear, open and transparent communication built on mutual understanding, this flexible program has developed significantly over time.

By working together, the partnership has achieved

  • Participation of more than 40 participants in the BLAKflip masterclass program
  • Arrangement of supported opportunities to audition for the National Institute of CircusArts (NICA), with one former BLAKflip participant to graduate in 2015
  • Provision of training scholarships for talented artists identified through the BLAKflipprogram, enabling further skill development
  • Three graduates of this program taking on full-time performance roles in the Circus Oz
  • Ensemble, performing in locations as diverse as New York to Ramingining
  • Full-time engagement of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program manager at Circus Oz
  • Establishment of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group at Circus Oz
  • Performance of the world-first professional all Australian Adult Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary show, Corked Up!
  • Recognition through the Victorian and National Creative Partnerships Philanthropy program award in 2013.

On the basis of this deep relationship, Circus Oz has also been also able to establish a range of other partnerships to assist in delivering its overall Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Strategy – BLAKflip and Beyond.

These have included

  • Circus Oz Goes Bush – Performances to almost 3,000 people in five remote communities across East and West Arnhem land before finishing at the Garma Festival. Supported by a range of corporate and private partners
  • Deadly Elders – in conjunction with the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS), delivery of term based Circus Skills program for local Elders, aimed improving at health and social outcomes.